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So many plant-based alternatives are now effortlessly available, from corner shops to big supermarkets; times are changing fast and it’s fantastic! Plant-based milks are everywhere, and the free-from sections in supermarkets keep growing at such a pace they are gatecrashing the meat aisles in style. The list of foods I haven’t found a great vegan alternative for yet is thankfully short – but one item missing was fudge.

Traditionally made with butter as its base ingredient, I have not really bothered with it as I don’t miss the taste of butter at all (yes, that surprises me too!), and I can never see any plant-based versions in the shops. I was super excited when Fab Fudge found me on Twitter and, after a chat, sent me some of their vegan range to try.

The bases for the vegan range are made from coconut, soya or rice milk instead of butter and it works perfectly, giving an indulgent creamy texture but without the greasy taste of butter

As soon as the package arrived, my family came from out of nowhere like bloodhounds, having caught the scent of sugar. The sweet smell of raspberries, vanilla and cherry drifted from the box, and suddenly I was surrounded by volunteers to help me try it. How very sweet of them.

There is something so marvellous about food that is just plain naughty. There is no faking any healthy intention here so the best thing is to just go for it and embrace the sugar high. First up was the black cherry, with whole pieces of real fruit buried in sugary homemade rice condensed milk. It almost has a boozy kirsch taste to it – amazing. The bases for the vegan range are made from coconut, soya or rice milk instead of butter and it works perfectly, giving an indulgent creamy texture but without the greasy taste of butter that you soon lose love for when you abstain from it. It’s not as sickly as butter fudge, so basically you can eat twice the amount! 

Next up was raspberry. Made with real freeze-dried fruit and dark chocolate, the texture of the seeds and the taste is both sweet and slightly sharp – it’s a delight. By now it was an unsightly scoffing session and my daughter Ruby was in a full-on fudge frenzy as she hit the banoffee flavour. This one was her favourite. “It’s dreamy, mummy,” she murmured, eyes puckered shut and enjoying the moment while not quite believing her luck. For me the best, hands down, was the vanilla. The smooth and delicate taste of vanilla paste with the creamy coconut is incredible and the best fudge I have ever eaten – vegan or not.

Fab Fudge has an impressive 14 vegan flavours available on line at fab-fudge.co.uk (they can deliver to most countries) or at their market stall at St Nicholas Market in Bristol. These include cashew and maple syrup, cinder toffee, espresso and even vegan creme egg – yum! They use sustainable (UTZ certified) chocolate which is peace of mind for the consumer and in keeping with vegan principles. For a chance to win three vegan flavours of your choice, check out our Twitter comp.

Fab Fudge have a fantastic and massive 20% discount offer for littlevbigv readers valid until 31.7.2017 – just use code ‘littlevbigv’ when checking out

You get a decent-sized bag for £2.49, perfect for tasting lots of flavours or, if you are really going for it, 200g blocks for £4.99 and an unapologetic 400g slab for £9.99. It’s utterly delicious and I can happily cross fudge off my list of hard-to-find foods.

Finally, I should note that Jill, the founder of Fab Fudge, is using the profits to fund a type of treatment for multiple sclerosis (HSCT), which she was diagnosed with in 2010. HSCT is not available on the NHS so her fundraising mission began to get to Russia next year to undergo this treatment and so Fab Fudge was born. Her story is on the website and she also has a Gofundme page here. We wish you all the best, Jill, in your fundraising and for your trip to Russia to undergo treatment.

For a chance to win three bags of any vegan flavours of your choice, see our pinned tweet on Twitter. The competition is running until 1 June 2017. Full T&Cs are on the @littlevbigv Facebook page. Good luck!






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