Ombar chocolate

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I first came across Ombar chocolates at Vegfest – I was with my daughter Ruby who is like a sniffer-dog when it comes to finding free samples of anything containing chocolate.

IMG_9418The guy behind the stall was explaining (as we stuffed as many buttons into out mouths as politely possible) what makes Ombar different and even healthy for you. It’s all about the processing of the cacao, done at low temperatures to hold on to the 300+ natural components found in this remarkable pod. The goodness from Ombar extends further by being a socially responsible company that ensures it’s farmers and packers are compensated fairly. The cacao is also certified organic so it really is an all-round pleaser, for this mother as well as our Mother Earth. For more information on the processing click here.

The bars and buttons are rich, flavourful and very moreish with out that over-sweet sickly feel that cheaper chocolates have.  Ombar only uses coconut sugar rather than harsh refined sugar found in most other bars. This chocolate is saintly not sinful and more importantly tastes incredible. With flavour combinations such as raspberry and coconut, lemon and green tea, strawberry milk and coconut and vanilla you’ll need to pace yourself -I don’t think seven bars on the go can still be counted as healthy! My personal favourite is the 90% raw cacao as you can taste the quality of the Nacional Arriba beans – its a bar to enjoy slowly and savour every bite. It’s proper chocolate and would make a fantastic gift or treat, especially this time of year.

They are proudly certified vegan which again just shows that we do not need to rob cows of their milk or their babies in order to produce chocolate bars, or any another food for that matter. Ombar choose to use the milk of coconuts instead which is always the more ethical choice. These are guilt-free bars and buttons and hurrah to that!

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