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Any one who follows me on Instagram and Facebook will know I recently watched the most fascinating documentary The True Cost and that it has completely changed the way I buy clothes. If you are not familiar with the effects of fast fashion I recommend you see this film – from child labour, the horrific conditions for garment workers, the animals that suffer, the pollution caused by the industry and everything in-between, it is a real eye-opener. It’s a bit like Earthlings for your wardrobe. I’ve put the trailer at the bottom of the post.

something as simple as wearing a t-shirt really can start conversations and help the vegan cause.

So when I do occasionally get new cothes I make sure that the companies pay a fair living wage, the clothes are vegan-friendly and they are made to last as I will be re-wearing again and again. Even better still are clothes with a vegan message on and thats exactly what Everything Vegan supplies. It has to be the easiest way to spread the V love. I can’t help but smile seeing other vegans out and about with their AR badges, totes or t-shirts – even our car has been veganised with stickers! It somehow makes you feel a little less alone in the meat-crazed world we live in that there are others out there who care and are striving for a kinder way to live. It also shows other people who may be interested in going vegan that they won’t be alone either. But best of all it allows people to approach you and ask you questions, or show interest in the topic.

Even better they have very kindly offered us a $25 gift card for one lucky littlevbigv.com reader to win.

My daughter especially loves to wear a strong animal rights slogan, often complaining that vegan kids’ clothes have messages that are too soft and cutesy. Especially if we are going to a protest she wants to make it crystal clear that she means business. So many animal rights apparel designs are not available for children which can be annoying, mostly because Ruby is at an age now where my vests and t-shirts suddenly find themselves as oversized dresses! So when Everything Vegan approached us to check out their website and collaborate on a Twitter competition, she was super happy to pick out a “Please Stop Eating Us” tee with three chickens – much like our rescue birds Peri, Plum and Razzle – and an awesome Cruelty Free cap. I chose a Vegan AF design because, well , that’s what I am and quite frankly if people are going to stare at my chest they might as well have something good to read – boobivism at its best! The second time I wore this out on the school run I was stopped by a couple who were interested in going vegan, we chatted in-depth and we all left the conversation feeling positive. It was great even though it made me late it was worth it and shows something as simple as wearing a t-shirt really can start conversations and help people interested in living more cruelty-free.

There are loads of really cool designs on Everything Vegan – most are in child sizes too so head over and check them out. Even better they have very kindly offered us a $25 gift card for one lucky littlevbigv.com reader to win. To enter see our Twitter page.

Wear you veganism with pride!

Everything Vegan’s director Aaron has confirmed in writing that they only use certified clothing that protects workers and ensures everyone is treated fairly and reasonably, and no children are employed by the manufacturers. They use organic water-based inks that are vegan-friendly.


Please take two minutes to watch the trailer for The True Cost. This is something I am only just learning about and am currently looking into companies that have clear ethical policies that look after the environment as well as people. When I have done a lot more research I will do another clothing based post.




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