LVBV’s top 5 vegan-friendly snack bars

Long gone (thankfully) are the days of grabbing an unhealthy sugar and fat-packed Mars bar from the newsagents on ill-planned days out. I now have a cupboard well stocked with vegan-friendly snack bars, not only for me but also for my young daughter. There are always a few bars stashed in my bag, in the car and in her lunchbox. These are a few of my favourites – all 100% vegan, naturally!

Pulsin’ Raw Choc Brownie
image1-2This brownie is the ideal snack on the go. With just the right amount of sweetness without being too sickly, this raw bar is packed with natural sugars to keep you going. I love these – as does the whole family – and rarely do I get to eat one without a little nudge halfway through from my daughter to remind me that “sharing is caring”! The 50g bar is a good size to power you through the day in between meals and lengthy traffic jams. If I go on a long dog walk, protest or festival I don’t leave the house without these in my bag as they keep me standing up all day and give me the energy to keep going. They taste very indulgent and are packed full with peanuts, dates, chicory fibre, brown rice bran and malt, rice starch, green tea extract, grape juice, chocolate chips and cacao butter. Clearly labelled as vegan – they should have a ‘delicious’ label too.

Pulsin’ New Kids Fruity Oat Bars £2.70 for 6 bars

IMG_7201We were really excited to try out these beautifully packaged kids’ oat bars and happily munched through each of the flavours. The packaging is adorned with native wildlife creatures, foxes, deer and owls; six bars are packed in each box – and at £2.70 that’s pretty good value for such a nutritious and healthy quality bar. The bars come in three flavours: orange and chocolate, blackcurrant and apple and also strawberry. Each one counts towards one of your kids’ five-a-day. They contain no soya or dairy and are also nut and gluten-free. The orange and chocolate one is especially scrumptious – a brilliant and genuinely healthy option for your kids’ lunchbox. My only suggestion for Pulsin’ is to help busy parents and carers by labelling these as vegan-friendly. When trying new products there isn’t always time to read labels.

Competition time! For a chance to win a whole month’s worth of these nutritious and delicious Kids’ Fruity Oat Bars in time for the school term, log on to Twitter follow me @emhundleby and @pulsinandbeond and retweet the pinned Pulsin’ competition post on my page. A lucky winner will be picked on 29th August 2016 – good luck!

Clif Bars £1.60 each

IMG_6554Blueberry crisp, oatmeal raisin and peanut bars (full range on designed to power athletes and mountain climbers, these also see me through a day as a working mum of a 5-year old kid. Everest climbers, you have the easy option in my eyes. Not only are these packed with protein and fibre but also vitamin B6 and B12, so that’s my excuse for scoffing yet another one – oops! The peanut one is just divine. It’s advised that you eat a Clif bar with a glass of water one to three hours before exercise to prevent hunger and supply energy to working muscles – but I’m not getting up at 4am, even for one of these babies. Thankfully they explain the bars can also be eaten as a snack between meals or during a long, busy day to help sustain energy. Much more my style.

Hale & Hearty date and chocolate and coconut flapjacks £2.50 / 5 bars per packet

IMG_6804Much more of a treat these ones, they are little slices of gooey flapjack heaven with a layer of dark chocolate on top – yum. With no refined sugar the bars are made up of gluten-free oats, blended with juicy dates and shredded coconut. Clearly labelled as vegan, which is brilliant. For a special lunchbox treat these are a great vegan and gluten-free option and a crowd-pleaser for big and little tums.

Kallo Belgian dark chocolate rice cake thins £1.49 / 6 thins per pack

For a sweet chocolate hit without the high calorie or junk worry, one of these hits the spot and is happily munched by mother and child alike. If we are eating these at home and are not pressed for time, loading them with fresh fruit, such as sliced banana and strawberries, turns them into a lovely fruit-packed pudding. Otherwise they are nibbled on the road straight out the packet. Please note the dark chocolate with orange thins are not vegan-friendly as they contain milk powder.


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