Urtekram body care range


A quick note on body care products: anything I try out has to be vegan and cruelty-free if it’s going to make it over my bathroom threshold. I was horrified when I learnt that companies such as Dove (Unilever) are quick to shout out that the product is not tested on animals, but they fail to mention the ingredients are often tested – a nasty play on words with animals paying the price. Peta have a great brand and product checker if it’s not already clearly labelled – click here for more info.

Urtekram creates plant-based organic products in Demark and all their body care products are certified Cruelty Free. With the exception of the odourless range, they are also certified Vegan and clearly labelled so. Luckily for us their products have found their way to our shores (distributed by Healthy Sales) and into my daily beauty routine. So far I have tried their Aloe Vera Body Lotion and Rose Shampoo and Conditioner.

IMG_6565Aloe Vera Body Lotion

I found the body lotion perfect for my sensitive and thirsty skin. I am outdoors a lot of the time and get quite dry from the sun and wind exposure.  This lotion feels so fresh and light when you apply it, but it sinks in beautifully – the feeling of freshness and hydration lasts all day, even when your body is working hard. The smell of sun-ripened oranges and apricot kernel oil is just gorgeous and perfectly subtle. It’s all organic so you know you are feeding your body well from the outside too. I have been looking for a decent body lotion for a while as I usually use pure coconut oil (which hydrates well but does not last),  I have found what I’ve been hankering after. I really recommend this for its quality, as well as the company’s ethics on cruelty-free beauty care – it is certified by the Vegan Society, the Leaping Bunny as well as Ecocert.

Rose Shampoo and Conditioner

When thinking of rose scented lotions and shampoos, one could be forgiven for thinking of your Nan. On having a whiff of these I couldn’t have been more wrong. The smell is delicate and summery-sweet, testament to the quality of ingredients that Urtekram uses – in this case, sugar beet extract as well as rose. Like my skin, my hair gets sun damaged, dry and full of dog slobber, bits of garden or sawdust. This particular shampoo is a great moisture boost that leaves your hair squeaky clean and again hydrated beautifully – a little goes a long way as well. The conditioner is light and leaves my hair looking distinctly glossy and shiny. For someone with fine hair like me it’s perfect. Absolutely gorgeous!

Urtekam has a great looking calendula children’s range too, including a tutti-frutti toothpaste (my daughter has issues with mint!) that I will be trying in the near future.


Available in all good health food shops from £1.75, really good value considering they are organic and packaged so stylishly. Products include toothpaste, hair care, skincare, deodorants and soaps. Their ranges are labelled clearly as vegan, so you know you are not buying anything tested on animals or with animal ingredients.


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