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IMG_9976Vegetarian caviar? You bet. We all know there are plant-based cheeses, milks and every sort of faux meat you can think of, but caviar without hurting fish stopped me in my tracks at Vegfest earlier this year. We tried some in the way most people gingerly try fish egg caviar for the first time, and we were quite simply blown away by the taste. If the lady hadn’t been behind the stall watching us, I would have tipped the rest of the jar straight in my mouth! It’s seriously good stuff.

I hadn’t eaten high-grade caviar since a visit to Tbilisi in 2001, and as it’s so expensive in the UK I had just written it off. Especially now, as a vegan, I simply assumed I would never eat it again. So to be able to have such an authentic-tasting vegan caviar, at a fraction of the price and with no cruelty to animals involved is a treat for the conscience as well as the mouth, especially as the Vegetarian Caviar Club are committed to sourcing their ingredients sustainably and environmentally. Even if you are not vegan, this is a serious contender for your canapés on special occasions. IMG_9975Tasting far superior than cheap fish roe caviar but at the same price – if not less, (Elsinore Salmon Caviar for example is £99.80 per kg) this is the future of your dinner parties, which will cater for all diets and delight all taste buds. Animal-free food such as this isn’t a lesser substitute for the ‘real thing’ – it is a delicious product in its own right.

Made from seaweed, its 100% vegan-friendly, gluten-free, GMO-free and certified kosher. These delightful pearls are perfect for special occasions – they supply 1kg packs to caterers for weddings and other events – or used at home in vegan sushi, on crackers – a layer of Oatly creme fraiche is a perfect match for the pearls to rest on – or mixed in with a garlic linguine. Delicious. For lots more inspiration on how to use the pearls, check out the Instagram page @vegcaviarclub.

With four flavours to choose from – red, wasabi, black and truffle – the caviar is available in 130g priced from £5.99 to £6.99 per jar. This is an exclusive product available to all considering fish roe can be as much as £600 for 120g. For me, the truffle is exceptional, and had I left any in the jar I would have loved to wowed guests with it this Christmas. They will just have to get their own – something’s are just too good to share!

For a chance to win a set of wasabi and red caviar see @littlevbigv‘s twitter page  here

To vist The Vegetarian Caviar Club’s website click here

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