What a vegan kid eats on a typical day

Ever wondered what a vegan kid gets fed on? Here is an example of a typical day for our five-year-old. Of course no two days are the same, and like all children’s tastes, some food is a hit and some a miss!

A few years ago I would have thought raising a kid on a plant-based diet was a complex operation and a real demand on an average family. I’m delighted to say that it really is not a big effort at all – plus we spend less now. It’s just a matter of making quick and simple food swaps such as a plant-based milk instead of dairy or a can of chickpeas instead of chicken breast. Forming new shopping habits at first takes that extra bit of time – but soon enough you’ll find yourselves expertly navigating the isles of your local supermarket.


Cereal, oat milk and fruit. We love Oatly as it has no added sugar or unnecessary junk in; it tastes fresh, clean and has added calcium and vitamin B12. Sometimes I bung in a teaspoon of chai seeds, they don’t taste of much and are rich in fibre, omega-3 fats and protein. Perfect for little ones with lots of growing up to do.

2016-08-04 08.52.22


On this day we were having a picnic meet-up with friends at a pick-your-own farm, so our packed lunch was definitely more of a treat than a home cooked healthy lunch. It was also a bit of a cupboard raid as I hadn’t been to the shop for a few days! Flora Dairy Free spread, Sainsbury’s hummus, cucumber and tomatoes on olive bread from the Co-op. A hand full of plain Pringles, Alpro strawberry milk for her drink and a Cliff bar (these are divine) plus some Tesco Free From chocolate buttons to share with her friend.

2016-08-04 09.00.14


Homemade tomato and courgette sauce with spaghetti (most dried pastas and spaghetti are egg-free, but unless I know the brand I still check). I added a few spoons of Pulsin’ Pea Protein into the sauce at the end for some extra protein and also freshly podded peas.

2016-08-04 18.36.27


Some of the fruits we had just picked on the farm and some left over pea pods.

2016-08-04 14.47.05


I hope you’ve enjoyed our first “what we eat in a day”. Please leave a comment if so, or share your own favourite plant-based meal with us – I’d love to try them out. If you have any questions or want any support with feeding your mini (or grown-up) vegans, please drop me an email. We are always here to help and are very friendly!





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